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recommended by Vets

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We proudly present…

After searching far and wide, we have finally found a solution for sustainability WITHOUT raising prices…

rPET bottles

Our community is familiar with the problem of "plastic waste", especially during the moulting season. Our current 6-litre Liver-Kidney Care Liquid treatment consists of 6 1-litre bottles per horse. Ewalia deliberately uses no preservatives, so that the health of our animals is not additionally burdened. However, this has meant that we could not guarantee the shelf life of our herbal liquids if sold in larger containers.

Until now "only" 30% of our packaging was recyclable. Solutions involving reusable glass bottles or similar would not only bring enormous added costs, they would also result in higher losses from damage. It is our company's greatest wish to remain affordable and nevertheless contribute to protecting the environment.
We've now found a perfect combination of sustainability without higher prices through the use of rPET bottles. These are made from 100% recycled plastic and after use can be placed in the yellow recycling bins ("gelbe Tonne" or yellow refuse sacks ("gelber Sack") to be recycled again – thus no production of "new" plastic waste, but rather the reuse of "old" waste.

The only thing you have to do is simply throw the empty herbal liquid bottles in the proper receptacle for plastic packaging (bin or sack) and YOU close the loop for us, helping both us and our environment.

What's new?
The plastic bottles which hold our Ewalia herbal liquids until recently contained "only" 30% recycled plastic. The new rPET bottles are made of 100% recycled material. This means that no new bottles are produced in the conventional sense – rather, new recyclable bottles are created from old ones. Ewalia will therefore not generate any new plastic waste, making us industry pioneers with regard to sustainability!

Why can't Ewalia herbal liquids be sold in larger containers?
Ewalia's natural herbal products are made without preservatives, so that the health of our animals is not additionally burdened. This means that our herbal liquids have a limited shelf life. In larger containers like 3-litre or 6-litre canisters, our products would go bad more quickly than they could be used.

Why doesn't Ewalia use reusable glass bottles?
Those who are familiar with our company and our history know that we used glass bottles when we first started out. However, higher transport costs from the added weight and the many claims involving goods damaged during transport would have raised the base price of our products significantly over time. We strive to keep our products affordable because our animals' health should not be dependent upon income.

What is an rPET bottle?
This bottle is a product of the recycling process. A German company produces "new" packaging in various forms from used and properly discarded plastic packaging. Used bottles are compressed to produce granules from which "new" bottles are made. Therefore the colour of individual bottles may vary somewhat.

How are they different from the old bottles?
Both on the label and on the bottle itself you'll find the symbol for "100% recycled". Because of this recycling process, the bottles may not be uniform in colour. However, their use is the same and we recommend that our products are always stored closed tightly in a cool, dark place.

How do I dispose of Ewalia herbal liquid bottles?
You are a very important part of the recycling process! Your task is to throw the empty bottles in a bin or sack designated for plastic waste, thus closing the recycling loop.

Will Ewalia products cost more now?
We have decided NOT to pass on the added costs of the recycled bottles to our customers! This is our personal contribution to protecting the environment.