recommended by Vets

100% pure nature

love of animals

recommended by Vets

100% pure nature

love of animals


Horses are important to us, so we pay attention to the highest quality of the ingredi-ents and to hygienic and always fresh production of our products.



Horses and pets are our passion. Therefore we will do everything we can for the long-term well-being of our animals.

A lot of time, patience, research and experience go into our products. It was always the needs of our own personal horses that led us to develop the natural herbal liq-uids. Because we have seen how well the natural herbal liquids work in our own horses, we want to enrich the lives of other horses as well. We want to pass on this benefit to our customers.

The herbal liquids are made fresh daily with loving craftsmanship. The particularly gentle production process makes it possible to preserve the herbal liquids without preservatives for at least 10 months after bottling.

The production complies with Regulation (EC) 183/2005 (Feed Hygiene Regulation).



The ingredients of our herbal liquids are carefully selected and matched to each other.

If there is an incompatibility with an ingredient, the recipe can be adapted individu-ally, and at no extra cost, to your requirements.

The natural herbal liquids contain only herbs of certified pharmacy-grade quality!
No preservatives or chemicals are added.
All ingredients are approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

The beneficial effects of some herbs were recognised in the Palaeolithic era al-ready (50,000-10,000 before Christ). These experiences were handed down over millennia. The oldest known writings on medicinal herbs come from Egypt (> 4th century BC). We have the Greeks to thank that ancient herbal medicine did not sink into oblivion. With the emergence of universities, the art of healing became a secu-lar profession. Doctors prescribed herbal remedies for a very long time. It was not until the 19th century, when chemically produced drugs conquered the market, that medicinal herbs were forgotten.

Health- and nature-conscious people have long since rediscovered herbs and their positive effects on the organism. EWALIA - pure NATURE stands for the natural health of your horse through the use of herbal liquids. If your horse coughs, has stomach problems, is stressed, or has muscle tension, EWALIA provides natural and chemical-free support.