The name Ewalia is a combination of the owner’s first names Ewald and Cornelia. Without Ewalia´s Quattro, the idea of the company would not have been born. Everything started with the urge to help Cornelias promising youngster horse, who suffered from laryngitis and chronic cough. Ewald and Cornelia spent a lot of time together and eagerly developed today’s popular products, as it was more than important for them to create effectful Herbal Liquids without any sugar or additives. Meanwhile they lead a Team of 15 employees with heart and mind. They share the entire work around the business, according to their skills and knowledge. Together they are a harmonic, energetic couple in their profession, as well as private.

Ewald and Cornelia together make EWALIA and the company would not exist without Ewalia's Quattro. The idea of ​​natural herbal juices without sugar and preservatives was born to help the young competition horse Quattro with his chronic cough problem. Cornelia and Ewald initially spent many hours together in the manufacture and development of the products and together they now lead a team of 15 employees like a family business. They divide their areas of responsibility perfectly according to their own abilities and thus form a dynamic couple in the company as well as privately.

Ewalia´s Quattro
Cornelia Seidl
Ewald Seidl