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Amidst the challenges of modern horse nutrition, EWALIA offers a treasure trove of natural herbal products for the health and well-being of your horse. Our herbal products not only address the challenges of the times but also provide solutions to many issues.

Specially tailored herbal blends can be applied purposefully in various areas, including the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, digestive and immune systems, as well as the nervous system.

Free from sugar, artificial colors, and preservatives, EWALIA offers products with certified ingredients in pharmacopoeial quality. Explore EWALIA herbal juices, innovative liquid and dry supplements with essential nutrients, fortifying feed oils, delicious yet healthy horse treats, and natural care products with medicinal herbs.

Herbs are more than just food; they are a crucial resource for your horse's health. EWALIA stands out for the meticulous processing of herbs with beneficial properties that horses rarely find in pastures nowadays.

By carefully balancing medicinal herbs, feeding becomes easier than ever before. EWALIA simplifies the maintenance of your horse's health – make every day a treat for your loyal companion. Spoil your horse with the best nature has to offer!

The entire product range

with valuable wild fruits
ideal for reconditioning work
with the strengthening properties of teasel
soothes irritated skin
with immunity-boosting herbs
fit in advanced age
promotes inner stability
low-protein and molasses-free
strengthens the body’s resistance
for free movement
is also suitable for competition

Overview of EWALIA Product Variety

Herbal Juices for Horses

Ewalia's herbal juices for horses are optimally formulated to target various functional areas of the body. Their gentle preparation ensures the preservation of valuable ingredients. The liquid form allows for easy absorption, making the juices suitable even for weakened metabolisms. By offering these herbal juices, you provide your beloved horse with ideal support. In our range, you can find herbal juices designed to support metabolism, strengthen immune defenses, aid the musculoskeletal system, assist with digestive health, and promote nerve and hormonal balance. With these products, you can ensure comprehensive and optimal care for your beloved companion.

Horse Care Products with Herbs

The use of herbs is indispensable even in horse care products.  Whether it's the healing marigold or the soothing chamomile, at Ewalia, you'll find a wide selection of care products, ensuring you're well-equipped for everything from itch relief and insect repellent to hoof care.

Horse Treats with Herbs

Whether during training or as a reward, treats are always welcomed. With Ewalia's herbal treats, you offer a healthy reward, and you can choose from 6 delicious varieties. All our horse treats are free from artificial colors and flavors, and there are also grain-free options available.

Supplements for Horses with Herbs

With our supplements, you provide your four-legged friend with a valuable addition to their daily forage. This strengthens the immune system, supports the musculoskeletal system during training, and ensures optimal supply of minerals and vitamins, suitable for both young animals and pregnant mares.

Good to Know!

The decisive factor when purchasing herbs is primarily the quality. Herbs, like any other product, can deteriorate with time. Mold can develop, producing toxins, and contamination with pesticides from agriculture can adversely affect quality. At Ewalia, we use certified herbs in pharmacopoeial quality, ensuring not only verified purity but also an active content of ingredients. It is crucial, when feeding horse herbs, to consider which processes in the body and which organs are being supported. You can learn more about the specific effects of herbs in our Herb Lexicon.
Many of the recognized medicinal herbs for humans are also beneficial for horses and have similar effects. For instance, dandelion and nettle stimulate metabolism, milk thistle is known as a liver tonic, marshmallow protects mucous membranes, hawthorn strengthens the heart and circulatory system, aronia and rosehip boost the immune system. Many more herbs could be listed here. In our herbal juices, we have carefully balanced the key herbs based on their specific effects.
Similar to humans, there are certain herbs that horses should not consume, and some can even be toxic. Yellow ragwort, for example, is particularly harmful to the liver and must not be ingested. The heart-activating autumn crocus is another highly toxic plant. This topic is quite extensive. You can find more information in our article on poisonous plants for horses. Some herbs also have doping implications, and their use is subject to specified limits. You can always find the latest overview in the current FEI database for substances relevant to doping.
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Herbs for Horses

Herbs are a crucial component of every horse's diet. The natural diversity of healing and aromatic herbs is abundant in lean pastures. Unfortunately, due to increased agricultural use, this diversity is steadily diminishing. The hay offered usually consists of fatty grasses with only a few valuable herbs essential for horse nutrition. Learn about the important herbs for horses and how to supplement horse feed with natural herbs here.

Horse herbs and ready-made herbal blends are available for supplementation in reputable stores. Whether you choose ready-made blends or specific individual herbs, herbal supplementation is a vital part of horse nutrition, contributing to the overall health of your beloved equine companion. You can also create your own herbal mixes, but it's crucial to adequately inform yourself about their functions and compositions.

During the summer season, many delicious and valuable herbs can be found fresh in the pasture. Common examples include ribwort plantain, known for its antibiotic effects on the respiratory system, and wild thyme or quendel, often found in alpine meadows and rocky slopes. However, the availability of fresh herbs is limited in winter. Therefore, it's essential to supplement horse feed with herbs according to the seasons.

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