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Our exclusive product line is the result of passionate research. You demanded high-quality products that not only offer quality but also valuable ingredients – and we listened. We aim to pamper you healthily.

The EWALIA care line is based on excellent formulations and certified ingredients. We consciously reject harmful and environmentally damaging substances. Our care line is not only cruelty-free but also free from parabens and silicones – a treat for your body.

Experience the irresistible scent that makes our products truly special. Each application becomes a relaxing ritual that not only cares for your skin and hair but also indulges your senses.

At EWALIA, we understand that true care begins not only externally. Immerse yourself in the world of the EWALIA care series and get the care you deserve – no excuses!

The entire product range

für mehr Widerstandfähigkeit
pflegt und schützt tiefenwirksam
für mehr Glanz und Geschmeidigkeit
supports your immune system
for healthy muscles and joints
for a healthy stomach and intestine
natural detoxification
supports your mental performance
for a relaxed everyday life
for the inner balance of women
supports during sports activity
für spürbar geschmeidige Haut

EWALIA Product Variety Overview

Natural Body Care for You & Me

EWALIA brings the natural effectiveness into your daily  body care.  From dry skin to skin irritations – our care products are specially designed to tackle these challenges. We have a variety of high- quality care items from A to Z, including soothing after-sun, rich body milk, and our Pure Nature lip balm.

Hair Care for You & Me

Even in  hair care , EWALIA relies on nature. Discover our selection of high-quality hair care products that put an end to tired, stressed hair, and dry scalp. From gentle shampoo to intensive hair treatment to nourishing hair balm – nature is at the center of every phase of your hair care. Our products not only bring shine and freshness but are also free from parabens and silicones.

Herbal Shower Gels

Experience a soothing herbal shower with our special shower gels – ideal for riders, dog owners, and nature enthusiasts. Our handmade products are based on formulations of purely natural ingredients, without allergens, parabens, and artificial fragrances. The shower gels provide a pleasant skin feel and moisturize, suitable even for sensitive skin. Their smoothness and delightful scent come from carefully selected organic herbs and aromatic oils, creating a revitalizing experience. Feel the power of nature in every shower moment and indulge in the natural care your skin loves – a true pampering experience for body and senses.

Superfood for You & Me

EWALIA's Superfood –  Oxymel. Pure, diluted, and as a cure – Oxymel serves as a tonic and isotonic treat for in-between. Refreshing and strengthening – a quick source of energy and well- being. Made from pure apple cider vinegar and Austrian quality honey, enriched with certified medicinal herbs. Our 8 varieties specifically support different areas of the body. From athletic movement to women's inner balance to a relaxed everyday life. They support mental performance, promote natural detoxification, ensure a healthy digestive tract, strengthen muscles and joints, and boost the immune system.

Good to know!

Oxymel is an ancient home remedy used in folk medicine since antiquity. This "healing tonic" is an alcohol-free drink taken preventively or as a cure to strengthen the immune system and general well-being. Made from pure apple cider vinegar and Austrian quality honey, enriched with certified medicinal herbs.
  • Antioxidants: Oxymel contains antioxidants from honey that can combat free radicals in the body and help cells stay healthy. Honey also regulates blood sugar levels gently.

  • Digestive Aid: The apple cider vinegar in Oxymel promotes digestion by stimulating the production of stomach acid. Additionally, the included honey has prebiotic properties that can support the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

  • Immune System Booster: The antibacterial properties of honey and the anti-inflammatory properties of vinegar can strengthen the immune system and fight infections in the body

  • Relief of Muscle Pain: Vinegar is often used in medicine to relieve muscle pain and can improve circulation. Honey helps with inflammation in the muscles and serves as a quick energy source.
Oxymel can be used for various complaints. The most common applications of Oxymel are: coughs and colds, digestive problems, immune support, and stress reduction.

Natural Body Care for Your Well-being 

At EWALIA, we firmly believe that choosing natural body care products is more than just a trend. It is a conscious decision that focuses on the well-being of your skin and your overall well-being. Our natural body care products are designed to harness the power of nature while avoiding harmful chemicals and synthetic substances. 

Compared to many conventional products, our products provide gentle, nurturing care. They consider the natural needs of your skin by supporting an optimal pH level, which in turn promotes the health and well-being of your skin. Our products are free from potentially irritating ingredients such as adf and are characterized by a unique combination of natural nutrients and vitamins.

It is important to us that we set a sign for your well-being. At EWALIA, you get pure natural care for your body.
Consciously choose EWALIA and treat yourself to the best of nature. With our natural body care, you not only give your skin but also your mind and soul well-being – in a natural and sustainable way. 

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Skincare Products for You & Me at EWALIA

With EWALIA's skincare products, you're always 100% on the right track. We offer pure nature, without parabens and silicones. Our products are free from artificial colors and flavors, and we offer fast shipping. Orders over 50 euros within Germany and Austria are free of shipping costs.