Oxymel is an old home remedy and a centuries-old folk medicine. This “potable panacea” is a non-alcoholic, isotonic liquid taken preventively or as a treatment for a boost to the immune system and general well-being. Oxymel is a blend of various medicinal herbs, apple cider vinegar, and high-quality honey from Austria. It comes in 8 varieties, each individually formulated to support a specific area of the body.

Value Packs: Do you want to give your body a boost with an Oxymel treatment plan? Then try our Oxymel Value Pack with 2 bottles of one Oxymel variety for a special price. Each Value Pack provides enough Oxymel for a 3-week treatment.

supports during sports activity
for the inner balance of women
for a relaxed everyday life
supports your mental performance
natural detoxification
for a healthy stomach and intestine
for healthy muscles and joints
supports your immune system